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Movement Therapy for Eating Disorder Recovery

For individuals in recovery and the wider community, this webinar brings together our Somatic Therapy team to explore movement for recovery.

When you live with an eating disorder, the body can feel like a very unsafe or conflicting place to reside. Many people struggling with an eating disorder share their apprehension towards ‘connecting’ with their body. We understand this, as there are many reasons we might want to detach or distance ourselves from our embodied experience including: illness, injury, emotional distress, pain. In short, existing in a body can be a very difficult place to call home.

For this reason, Movement Therapy – or Somatic Therapy – is central to how we work at Orri.

Somatic Therapy is a body-centered therapy that works at the intersection of thoughts, feelings and sensations, with the goal of reconnecting people to their bodies in a way that’s safe, curious, compassionate and nourishing.

In this webinar, our Somatic Therapy team will discuss ‘movement’ in eating disorder recovery; recognising it’s nuance, complexity, and importance. The webinar will open with a grounding practice, allowing individuals to land into the space and connect with their experience.

We invite your questions and comments throughout when reflecting on your personal experience.

Your hosts:

Kerrie Jones, Psychotherapist and CEO & Founder of Orri
Pippa Richardson, Therapeutic & Somatics Manager
Vicky Beaumont, Yoga Therapist
This free event is specifically for those in recovery and anyone with an interest in Movement Therapy for eating disorder recovery.

The event is hosted as a Zoom webinar, so participants will have no video or audio. We encourage you to intentionally create a nurturing space to attend this event.

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