A new year is heralded by many as a fresh start, a clean slate. But here’s an alternative way of welcoming in 2022, and an invitation to share your thoughts with us.

A new year is heralded by many as a fresh start, a clean slate. It’s a metaphorical closing of a chapter in preparation for a new one.

We look forward to these annual milestones as opportunities to take back ‘control’ and ignite motivation for our goals.

And there’s something very alluring about a new year and the tradition of new year’s resolutions. We tend to vilify certain behaviours or habits we’ve developed over the past 12 months. We look down on ourselves with judgement, perhaps with the intention of shaming ourselves into change.

But this traditional approach lacks the compassion, patience and curiosity that many of us nurture throughout recovery from an eating disorder.

In therapy, we gain a wisdom about how there is often a root cause and a chain of causality for our present problems. When we are granted this perspective, we start to forgive ourselves for where we’ve ended up, we put down our weapons, shame and judgement, and instead offer kindness to our past selves.

As we welcome in this new year, we’re inviting you to take part in an alternative approach to new year’s resolutions. With hand on heart, and with kindness in mind, ask yourself:

What am I leaving, and what am I taking, into 2022?

Asking this question illuminates the intentionality behind our new year’s resolutions. It also invites us to consider the good that’s happened over the past 12 months and what we want to nurture more of.

As an example, we might want to leave behind self-criticism, and take with us the self-compassion we’ve started nurturing.

We’d love for you to share with us what you’ll be leaving and taking into 2022. Please DM us on Instagram so we can collect your responses.

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