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What our clients say about us.

It’s our clients and their families who make Orri what it is.

We are grateful to their resilience and commitment in recovery, and we are proud to share in their journeys.

Here, we share some of our clients’ words and submissions for Mental Health Awareness Day 2020.

“I think your clinical model is the best I have seen both as a husband and parent of family members in need of this service.”Father of client

“Thank you to all of Orri for giving me the courage and strength to be where I am today. As recovery goes today has been a really good day. I know tomorrow may not be the same but you know what – I’m ok with that.

I don’t think I will ever be able to tell you how grateful I am that you have all stood by me without judgement and without pity but with unlimited kindness, patience and compassion.

There is no doubt that the last 6 months has been the hardest, most painful and emotional time I have ever shared with anyone. I am so thankful that you were all by my side.

I find it very hard to believe that everything happens for a reason but I do believe in that sometimes the timings have just got to be right, the time for me to have found myself so desperate for help and to have found Orri Online for me feels that it was just meant to be.

There is nothing left for me to say but Thank you. Orri has and still is giving me the tools to live the new life I’m only just beginning to believe I’m worthy of.  Thank you.” – Client

Quite simply, early intervention saves lives. Yet sufferers are routinely told they aren’t ‘ill’ enough for treatment. The current treatment landscape is letting people down – there is a huge need for the type of service that Orri is providing, which helps people with eating disorders to seek treatment earlier, and to integrate it into their everyday lives.– Andrew Radford, Chief Executive of eating disorders charity, Beat

“The most comprehensive [programme] I have ever experienced.”Client

“I feel safe to be truthful and to share things.”Client

“I am so grateful for this. I have never had such good therapy.” – Client

“As someone who was at Orri physically and then moved onto the online platform I can whole heartedly say that the online service Orri have created is great and it has really helped me progress on with recovery at a time when an easy option could have been to press the pause button.

Connecting with people is even more important at this time and Orri online offers the opportunity to connect to a community of people going through similar struggles to you, an opportunity to say how much you might be struggling, and to get advice and help from professionals.

I cannot emphasis enough how valuable the Orri community has been for me during this time and I would really encourage anyone thinking about engaging on Orri online to give it a try.” – Client

“I am finding my individual therapy extremely helpful.” – Client

“I am proud of how much I’ve changed as a person from the teachings of Orri and that all areas of my life are progressing; food, relationships, health, body image and thought processes. It has highlighted what is important in my life and I feel as if I am on the right path now, whereas I was unsure before of what the right direction was.” – Client

“I’m so grateful for the support, skill and dedication of the staff who truly design a unique programme for each person.” – Client

“The food is of a very high quality and Scott is great with us, always happy to talk and compassionate about our struggles.” – Client

“I feel well supported and feel that I could work through difficult meals here with the help of the group and staff.” – Client

“I have found [family therapy] sessions really useful particularly in helping my husband to better understand my eating disorder.” – Client

“I feel it is a collaborative relationship.” – Client

“The food is always beautifully prepared and presented which definitely makes it easier!” – Client

“I was apprehensive about online treatment but have found it invaluable to work on my eating disorder in my home environment.” – Client

I feel safe to be truthful and to share things. I feel there is trust and an element of privacy. – Client

“My psychiatrist has been continuously supportive and positive, I have always felt very listened to during these sessions. My parents have attended some sessions, which has been useful as they are more involved in my recovery than ever before.” – Client

“Yoga has been enormously helpful and enjoyable too. I am keen to keep doing yoga throughout my recovery.” – Client