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What our clients say about us.

“I think your clinical model is the best I have seen both as a husband and parent of family members in need of this service.”Father of client

“The most comprehensive [programme] I have ever experienced.”Client

“I feel safe to be truthful and to share things.”Client

“I am so grateful for this. I have never had such good therapy.” – Client

“The food is of a very high quality and Scott is great with us, always happy to talk and compassionate about our struggles.” – Client

“I feel well supported and feel that I could work through difficult meals here with the help of the group and staff.” – Client

“I am finding my individual therapy extremely helpful.” – Client

“My psychiatrist has been continuously supportive and positive, I have always felt very listened to during these sessions. My parents have attended some sessions, which has been useful as they are more involved in my recovery than ever before.” – Client

“I feel it is a collaborative relationship.” – Client

“I have found [family therapy] sessions really useful particularly in helping my husband to better understand my eating disorder.” – Client

“Yoga has been enormously helpful and enjoyable too. I am keen to keep doing yoga throughout my recovery.” – Client

“The food is always beautifully prepared and presented which definitely makes it easier!” – Client

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