Meet the team

Sean McNally,

Occupational Therapist

As an Occupational Therapist at Orri, Sean is dedicated to guiding individuals towards recovery and empowerment. Coming from an international family in Hong Kong, he brings a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and a unique perspective to his practice. Sean’s journey in occupational therapy began with an MSc from the University of Brighton, equipping him with a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Drawing from diverse clinical experiences at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust and Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, he has honed vital skills in goal setting, assessments, and fostering authentic therapeutic connections. From supporting individuals in mental health crisis teams to aiding patients in acute stroke units, Sean is committed to providing holistic care at Orri.

Complementing his clinical roles, his involvement in humanitarian efforts, such as assisting earthquake survivors in Sichuan and working with HIV-positive orphans in Cambodia, underscores his dedication to social impact. Sean is steadfast in leveraging his expertise to support individuals at Orri with dignity and resilience on their recovery journeys.