Meet the team

Kathrin Gioia,

Specialist Occupational Therapist

Kathrin is a Specialist Occupational Therapist at Orri who works as part of the online outpatient team.

As an Occupational Therapist with a background in mental health, Kathrin brings a unique blend of international training and specialized expertise to my role. After honing my skills in London, where Kathrin focused on working with individuals facing mental health challenges, Kathrin returned to South Africa to establish my own private practice and joined the Orri team from afar.

In the role, Kathrin conducts comprehensive assessments to understand how eating disorders impact our clients’ daily lives and functioning. Using Occupational Therapy models and principles, Kathrin helps the client develop their own personalized interventions to improve their engagement in self-care, productivity, and leisure activities. From fostering independence in self-care routines to facilitating meaningful participation in work or hobbies, to empower clients to lead fulfilling lives despite the challenges they may be facing.

Examples of the work Kathrin does with clients include: creating structured routines to support meal planning and preparation, implementing coping strategies for managing anxiety around food, and facilitating meaningful activities to promote overall well-being and recovery. With a compassionate and client-centered approach, she strives to support individuals on their journey towards improved health and quality of life.

BSc in Occupational Therapy- University of Stellenbosch

Post Graduate Certificate in Psychology- University College London