Meet the team

Sharmaline Attygale,

Eating Disorder Therapist

Sharmaline is a leading Eating Disorder Therapist at Orri, working as part of the outpatient team, working from home Tuesdays and Wednesdays and in person at Hallam on Thursdays.

Sharmaline has extensive experience in the mental health and eating disorder sector, initially working as a therapist at The University of Cambridge, where Sharmaline encountered students struggling with eating disorders and strove to understand the complexities surrounding this.

Whilst working at Orri, Sharmaline has worked to establish a safe and confidential therapeutic relationship with the client for ensuing therapy. This has an acute focus on therapy being parallel tracked; with nutritional rehabilitation and cognitive-emotional aspects. It looks at the relationship with food, the ED mindset with its faulty thoughts and rigid habits,  self-esteem, body image, perfectionism, relationships, assertiveness and the regulation of the emotions such as anxiety, depression, guilt, shame and anger.

BSc in Psychology

BMBS, BM, MBChB Medicine Degree.