Meet the team

Jinny Gupta,


Jinny is a Psychotherapist at Orri, working in our outpatient clinic.  

Jinny’s clinical work is informed by the knowledge offered by psychology and neuroscience, as well as the wisdom of contemplative, meditative traditions of the East. She uses both evidence-based techniques as well as creative means like mindfulness, meditation and active imagination to help clients make deeper connections with themselves and others. She believes that therapy can be greatly enhanced by tapping into the intelligence of the body and finds this to be especially helpful for those clients who have been feeling stuck for a while. 

Trained in the Mindfulness and Meditation tradition (Zenways) as a student and teacher, she regularly hosts speaking events and workshops in this area. Jinny also holds an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy (ADIP) from Regent’s University, London, and a Master’s in Economic Development and Policy Analysis from the University of Nottingham.