Meet the team

Anandi Jooste,

Eating Disorder Therapist

Anandi Jooste has been part of the Orri online program since April 2021. 

She completed her studies in South Africa, with the focus on social work and psychology.  She works remotely from Cape Town.  

Her role includes offering individual psychotherapy and facilitating therapeutic groups.

She facilitates a weekly body image group and has a passion for helping clients rebuild and reframe their relationship with their body within recovery. 

Anandi is also a qualified yoga teacher and has an understanding for the importance of connecting to the body and the somatic experience, alongside traditional talk therapy. 

For the past 10 years she has worked in different Eating Disorder services including inpatient settings, day care and outpatient settings. 

Anandi follows a compassionate,  client focused approach.  Anandi recognizes the importance of creating a trusting therapeutic relationship and how within this space hope and accountability is held. She believes in meeting a client where they are in their healing journey and walking alongside them. 

BSc in Psychology

BMBS, BM, MBChB Medicine Degree.