Our client shares a poem she wrote for her 27th birthday this week. We hope that it inspires hope and belief that recovery truly is possible, and reminds you that if you are – or have been – struggling, you are not alone.

Orri would not be Orri without its clients and their families. We are grateful to be inspired by them every single day.

Another year older

One more ring around my core

I wonder how I got through it all

And everything that came before


I cannot write you a pretty tale

Of a woman filled with strength and hope

Because this was the year I decided

That I could no longer cope


Twenty seven started in lockdown

Though that mattered not to me

I was already well practised

In isolating with my misery


My body already shrinking

Friends long since showing concern

The anger inside me building

As I watched the world around me burn


I believed in something better

And that it was my job to get us there

I wanted to lead a revolution

But was governed by own despair


Still my friends stuck by me

As I internalised my rage

Not once did they desert me

As I constructed my own cage


As I weaponised my body

Against any further abuse

Buying into my own delusion

That I was speaking my authentic truth


But your truth shouldn’t need soothing

With restriction, booze and drugs

Soon that pain spills out sideways

Shame drowning you in its floods


This year, it has scarred me

Like fault lines in the earth

Chaos just beneath the surface

Awaiting my next rebirth


Because although this year has served

Some of my darkest days to date

I survived every single one of them

I made it to twenty eight


My body is now stronger

I am starting to find my voice

My ghosts haunt me less now

They don’t interfere with my choice


To live life a little freer

Knowing I can learn to trust the tide

To relinquish, breathe, surrender

And dare to step outside my mind


Because rock bottom isn’t hard to find

When it’s you who sets the limit

Twenty seven was the year I learned

This is my life; I’ve just got to live it

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