Orri is more than a treatment eating disorder centre – we are a recovery community, comprised of people who genuinely care.
Here, we explore how important it is to recover from an eating disorder as a collective, as shared by those who have been there.



“The power of a group is knowing that you are not alone.” Kerrie Jones, CEO & Founder of Orri

By their very nature, eating disorders are isolating and complex mental illnesses. They actively keep people at a distance. At the very beginning of someone’s recovery journey, people can feel they have very few close friends or intimate relationships as their eating disorder forms a seemingly “protective” barrier between them and the outside world. This protective barrier is useful to be aware of and explore in therapy as it can be indicative of what may have caused the eating disorder in the first place.

However, you – or the person you care about as you’re reading this – deserves loving and authentic relationships. You deserve to be a part of a community – of Orri’s recovery community.

No one deserves to feel the loneliness and isolation that so often comes with an eating disorder, and a lot of what we do, here at Orri, is work with our clients to help them to realise this and take steps to bringing the wall down between them and others.

Though, this support extends further than our treatment programme. Our social media platforms provide virtual spaces where warmth, compassion and understanding is shared amongst a ‘village’ of people who care.

Some members of our online community shared what ‘community in eating disorder recovery’ means to them…

  • ‘Feeling held, knowing that you are not alone, being able to connect on a deeper level’
  • ‘Not feeling alone, feeling whole and safe’
  • ‘Connected and supported’
  • ‘Everyone is there for each other. Everyone is ready to reach out for support, with warm and open arms’
  • ‘Love and wisdom’

As the saying goes, there is power in numbers, and the special eating disorder community unites and empowers people, during even the darkest of days.

At Orri, we offer group therapy to our clients. This provides a mutual space of shared understanding. Clients support each other in exploring all aspects of the eating disorder including relational dynamics, coping mechanisms, body image, anxieties and core beliefs. Interested? You can find out more in a blog here. We also have Kerrie, Orri’s CEO & Founder, explore what group therapy can provide in the video below.

Your takeaway –

We all deserve to love ourselves so we can allow others to love us too. A way over overcoming the barrier of an eating disorder is to allow yourself to have relationships and give yourself permission to authentically enjoy them. This also means allowing yourself to explore different kinds of relationships and to be curious of who and what you are drawn to. Notice how you feel around others too – whether you feel uncomfortable or comfortable, what you like to do with certain people and how much time you genuinely want to spend with them.

It takes a village for sustained eating disorder recovery. You are not alone at Orri, we are here to witness your experience, however you arrive.

“In this common place, your experience is validated when people recognise it and say, “yup, I get it. I feel exactly the same.” It’s such a relief to know that someone else is going through the same pain as you – as weird as that sounds – but I suppose it’s the comradery. The support network around groups has been super valuable for me. The recognition, the validation…it has been so useful.” – Richard, Online Client

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