Orri on Sky News

Kicking off Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Kerrie, CEO & Founder, and Charlie, an Alumni client, appear on Sky News to raise awareness of men and males with eating disorders.

EDAW 2023: Eating Disorders in Boys & Men

For Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Dewald Louw, sits with Hannah Hickinbotham, from Full of Beans podcast. Together, they discuss the prevalence of eating disorders in boys and men, and how masculinity impacts the development of eating disorders.

Eating Disorders May Be Rising Amid Pandemic

Orri’s CEO & Founder, Kerrie, says: ‘”So many aspects of the lockdown mimicked the isolative, restrictive and chaotic nature of an eating disorder,” she said. “You can appear incredibly high-functioning on the outside whilst deeply struggling on the inside.”