It is mental health awareness week,
A time to allow everyone to speak.
To rise up from fear,
And ensure everyone can hear.

To tell the world that we are enough,
To remind us all that we are made of some pretty tough stuff!
We are powerful and strong,
Absolutely no-one can tell us we are wrong.

To make sure we are entitled to give our worries a voice,
We are humans and staying silent should not be a choice.
Our concerns do not need to stay inside,
Unfortunately when left inside, often they do not subside.

The answer for now is to talk and be brave,
To allow us the attention that we deserve and often crave.
Acknowledging we are struggling can often be hard,
Unfortunately so often we are scared our thoughts, others will discard.

However, it is vital that we don’t forget,
That once we open up, usually we don’t regret.
Whether we are young or whether we are old,
Everyone is an individual and has a tale to be told.

So use this week to share,
The more we speak, the more we can help others in despair.
So open up and do not worry how you will be portrayed,
What I can only urge you to do, is not to be afraid.

Thank you to our amazing clients for their resilience, strength and bravery to choose recovery with us every day.

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