Welcome to Orri.
Where your recovery
is possible.

We’re a specialist day treatment service for eating disorders who will meet you where you are in that journey with expert care and kindness.

We can do this together..

Young people sitting

You don’t have
to do this alone.

We believe that your recovery is possible. Why? Because we’ve seen it happen.

Our community works collaboratively to provide expert, evidence-based treatment with kindness and compassion at its core.

Wherever you are,
we’ll meet you there.

It’s a brave and courageous decision to reach out for support, so we’re with you every step of the way.

Together, we’ll explore your options for treatment and find a programme that suits your needs and evolves alongside you in your journey.

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“The Orri team may be the most compassionate and skilful dedicated professionals you will ever meet.”

Alumni Client

Young people sitting

We’re here for
parents and families.

Eating disorders affect the family too. At Orri, we treat everyone impacted by an eating disorder, inviting you to be a part of your loved one’s journey whilst navigating your own.

Together, we’ll take time to talk, understand, and help you to support them in recovery.

A supportive community.

Your journey with Orri.

Recover in person, online, or with a blend of both.

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No matter your location, our online treatment is face-to-face recovery community at the click of a button.

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In Person.

A safe space in central London for you to recover from your eating disorder. No matter where you are in your journey, we’re here to walk alongside you.

Couples therapy session


Our Blend Programme is a unique programme for eating disorder recovery, combining both our in person and online treatment programmes.

Outstanding care is what we do, kindness makes us Orri

Our programmes focus on recovery: where you want to get to, not just what you’re recovering from.

Our approach provides you with the opportunity to address all the different parts of yourself and your everyday life, recognising that eating disorders are not just about food, but impact all areas of someone’s life and relationships.

Everyone’s recovery is different, so our programmes recognise
and reflect that.

What might recovery look like for me?

If you’d like to learn more or if you’re concerned for a loved one, we’re here to listen without judgement. We can help.

Our blog.

Hear from our team and clients.