Kerrie, our Clinical Director and Co-founder, shares her thoughts on our first day of providing online specialist day treatment.

Waking up on our first day of a fully Virtual Orri feels somewhat strange. I imagine a lot of you will be feeling the same.

A few of our clients yesterday commented that it “didn’t feel quite real”, and this resonated deeply with me. I am sitting here at home this morning and it’s fair to say the change has not quite impacted me yet.

The energy of Orri, of our clients and the team, is, as ever, very present for me today, and I am still in the process of transitioning into this latest chapter of Orri’s life.

Listening to our clients and the team yesterday share their worries of being away from our London location, and courageously speaking from their place of vulnerability that facing a situation such as this invites, I felt incredibly humbled as the impact and significance of the work we all do and the impact we have all had was so present.

This, coupled with the endless emails I received from clients, families, carers, the team and other colleagues offering really deeply felt thanks and gratitude, as well as the hope and determination to survive and thrive during this period has been one of the most touching and humbling experiences of my life

It really is true that in adversity comes strength. I saw that yesterday at Orri. And I know that the strength of Orri will carry us through this.

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