Carers Therapeutic Workshop Series 2020

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Orri’s clinicians have developed a unique workshop series titled Disentangling the bonds of attachment: Supporting Carers in Eating Disorder Recovery. Led by specialist eating disorder clinicians who have worked closely with carers for over 20 years, this workshop series is an opportunity understand your loved one’s eating disorder, how it impacts you and your family, and what you can do to support their recovery journey.

The Programme.

Session 1: Introduction with Specialist Eating Disorder Clinicians

Session 2: Risk and Boundaries 

Session 3:  Talking About Taboos

Session 4: Q&A Session 

Your trainers.

Karen Carberry

Consultant Family Therapist Karen Carberry, MSc, Dip.Psych. has over 30 years of experience in working with families,  supervision,  and training internationally. Karen qualified as a Family Therapist at the Institute of Family Therapy and Birkbeck College, University of London.  In addition,  Karen is also qualified and experienced in psychology, and psychodynamic counselling.

Rather than a one size fits all approach, Karen and her clients enjoy working collaboratively to find solutions to difficulties, and she brings a wealth of experience across the family lifespan.  This includes working as a Family Therapist in a private inpatient Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAHMS) and Adult Eating Disorders Unit; an Associate Partner in an Adoption Support Agency, Manager of Family Centres and a Child Contact Centre; and also a school counsellor.

Veronica Kamerling

“I am the mother of three children one son and two daughters and both my daughters had an eating disorder. One was anorexic and the other suffered with bulimia/binge eating disorder. My daughters are in good recovery and are both married with children. I also looked after my brother who had schizophrenia.

I was running a helium balloon company before and during the time my family were ill. However looking after those who have a mental illness can change your life and I was struck by how much other families were struggling with their care giving role. So I decided to sell the balloon business and set up “Eating Disorders and Carers”. My work which is very varied is all about supporting families and working with professionals and patients to ensure that the family voice is heard.

16 years on and I now work across the mental health field. This ranges from training professionals and families to inspecting secure units and setting the standards. I sit on a variety of advisory boards and other committees as well as presenting at conferences and professional and family groups.

I feel passionately that carers are a vital link between those they care for and the professionals. Carers should be recognised and supported in their role.

In 2008 I was awarded an Eating Disorders National Award from beat (formerly the Eating Disorders Association) in recognition of my contribution to the world of eating disorders.

In 2013 I won the award  “Carer Contributor of the Year 2013” given by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.”

Kerrie Jones

Kerrie is a leading Psychotherapist in the treatment of Eating Disorders, lecturer on an MSc in Attachment Studies at Roehampton University and one of the founders of Orri.

Kerrie has delivered training throughout the UK on Eating Disorders and Attachment, and is a former Eating Disorder Lead at The Priory where she worked with clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

The culmination of this work – along with feedback and experiences of clients and colleagues Kerrie has worked with over the last 15 years – paved the way for the formation of Orri.

Maxine Jones

Maxine is Orri’s Clinical Manager. She is a highly experience Occupational Therapist and has worked with eating disorders for over 20 years.

Maxine has pioneered Orri’s carers programme and is passionate about involving carers from day one with full transparancy and support.

Workshop Fees.

Individual fee: £1,000 for the full 4 days

Couple fee: £900 each // £1,800 total for full 4 days

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