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Recovery is full of questions: how did I get here? What is going to happen? What if this had happened, or that had happened instead? This weeks’ treatment programme is all about the “Woulds, Shoulds, Coulds” in eating disorder recovery....
white older couple embracing each other with a grey sky in the background

Looking for recovery inspiration? We asked Orri’s community what eating disorder recovery means to them, and here is what they said…

a woman with afro textured hair in a field with the sun setting behind her

Mental health campaigner, Emily Nuttall, shares a poem inspired by her journey in eating disorder recovery. It depicts a journey of self-discovery, strength and hope.

young women in prayer in a mosque for ramadan

We have entered the holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar. This can be an extremely challenging time for those with eating disorders. We explore in this blog how to nurture your recovery, at your pace.

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