Forging a space for creative expression is a huge part of our therapeutic approach at Orri.

Here, one of our clients kindly shares a poem she wrote and brought to a group therapy session.

My friends will understand that this statement feels a tad radical: 

I feel happy.



Hitting normality.


I am content.

Not feeling as if I am forever about to be ejected from my current circumstances.

The relationship lasted on and off for 19 years.

The ropes finally came off.

I took to life with evangelical zeal.

I appeared to throw in the towel at the age of 18.

I had no intention of sabotaging my existence by being confined to breakdowns, cocooning, clinical depression.

I was slightly terrified of myself; to rise to the challenge.

There was a lot of obsession.

My world seemed dominated by refusing the intimacy of vulnerabilities.

Resolutely defining myself.

And then there were people who burst into my life burning firework-bright.

I remember eyeing my body with scientific objectivity.

Yet the controlled highly disciplined relationship simply ceased.

If I had to summarise this, it would be feeling that anything could happen.

Extended adolescence.

Why not extend life pleasures?

Truly living it rather than retreating.

It still takes me breath away –

The resurgence of emotions it brings.

Thank you to our amazing clients for their resilience, strength and bravery to choose recovery with us every day.

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