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This week is Orri’s birthday week. Incredibly, it’s been a whole year since we opened our doors and started providing Specialist Day Treatment to those suffering with eating disorders and their families.

Over the past twelve months we’ve had the privilege of sharing in the recovery journeys of many people – whether they entered into our service or decided upon a different path.

Throughout our conversations, we noticed how we kept coming back to a recurring theme of “hope”. Coincidentally one of Orri’s values – to us “hope” means working collaboratively to create a space where recovery is possible.

Time and time again we’ve spoken to people with eating disorders who have lost hope in their ability to recover. It may be that they’ve tried over and over again to recover by themselves but struggled to take the necessary steps forward. Or, they’ve tried lots of different types of treatment but, despite their best efforts, feel stuck in a rut with their recovery.

We believe that to provide effective treatment we need to instil hope and belief in someone’s ability to recover, no matter their recovery journey to date. Notice how our definition of “hope” includes working collaboratively; it takes courage to admit when our challenges are bigger than ourselves, and bravery to trust those around us to guide us on our journey (and all its ups and downs).

Today, we’re announcing a new, specialist recovery workshop called Nurturing Hope. This workshop is for people at different points in their recovery, suffering with different types of eating disorders. You may have had treatment before, or, this may be your first time reaching out for specialist support.

The workshop will be led by Orri’s specialist clinicians who will draw upon their different approaches to support you as a group. By the end of the workshop, you will have a “toolbox” of recovery-focused activities and insights to take home with you, all with the aim of nurturing hope in your personal recovery.

Key details:

  • Saturday 23 May (during Mental Health Awareness Week)
  • 9:30am – 1:30pm, refreshments and snack provided
  • Spaces limited to 24
  • Tickets are £5 and all proceeds are donated to our charity partner, Beat. To book, please visit our Eventbrite page
  • The workshop will be a stand-alone session, meaning that you may take the learnings and integrate them into your treatment or therapy outside Orri.

To book, please visit the Eventbrite page

If you have any questions or concerns, please email our friendly team at: workshops@orri-uk.com

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us!