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Orri is unique.

We believe early access to treatment for eating disorders is crucial to recovery as it breaks the cycle of waiting lists, hospitalisation, and insufficient, inconsistent support.

  • We're not a hospital
  • Intensive Day Treatment Programmes
  • A team of eating disorder clinical experts
  • Working with the underlying causes that reinforce the eating disorder
  • 1:1 clinical support during meals & processing
  • Self-care and?body image sessions
  • Stepped programmes: extended-day, full-day, part-day
  • Increasingly return to real life
  • Alumni community

A unique vision.

Authenticity and compassion.

We know how difficult it is to recover from an eating disorder. We recognise that despair, frustration, denial and anger are the real first steps on the path to recovery. In fact, the only way to get people into treatment is to recognise these feelings.


We think that there aren't enough treatment options for people and their families living with eating disorders. We think that the field is missing the 'middle' part of the care pathway where, instead of a restrictive hospital setting, people receive early intervention in a dedicated Intensive Day Treatment programme that takes place alongside your everyday life.

Professional and reassuring.

We know how people with eating disorders get better. We also know it's difficult and hard work. But together, we can support you in finding the tools you need to recover. And we are there for you and your family, every step of the way.

A unique space.

Our homely centre located in central London is a classic Marylebone townhouse with comfortable, contemporary interiors that make the most of the spacious, naturally lit rooms.

We have 12 group and individual therapy rooms spread over 5 storeys. Our unique therapy kitchen and our body-based space and yoga studio all form part of this new, specialist clinical and therapy centre, providing a safe, welcoming and reassuring environment.

Illustration of Orri clinic building.

Our team.

Our responsibility.

Our treatment services are compliant with NICE Guidelines and Royal College of Psychiatrists recommendations. Each one of our therapists is registered and/or accredited with one or more of these organisations, which all undergo strict recruitment and supervision procedures.