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Hello. Welcome to Orri.

We are a specialist day clinic, not a hospital.

  • Intensive day treatment to engage, educate and empower individuals suffering from eating disorders. We offer full-day, part-day and evening programmes for those aged 16 and above, so people have the right amount of support as they increasingly return to their lives.

  • We give you the tools to change.

    With experts in psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, dietetics, occupational therapy, trauma therapy, family therapy, body image experts, movement therapy and nursing, our highly skilled team works together to help people recover and individually tailor the right treatment plan.

  • A unique community and a unique space.

    Visit our 5-storey building with 12 group and individual therapy rooms. Our unique therapy kitchen and our body-based space and yoga studio all form part of this specialist centre.

Illustration of Orri clinic building.

We are eating disorder experts.

We understand the complexities of eating disorders. We have spent our careers working alongside people living with eating disorders and their families so that recovery becomes possible for all.

  • Psychiatry
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Diatetics
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Body Image
  • Movement Therapy
  • Nursing

Our team.

Kerrie Jones

Clinical Director

Maxine Jones

Clinical Manager

Dr Eric Johnson-Sabine

Medical Director

Dr Paul Robinson

Director of Research and Development

Evans Ward


Paula Tait

Senior Dietician

Ivana Legnerova

Admissions Specialist

Paula Biles

Clinical Supervisor

Marc Hily


Karen Carberry

Consultant Family Therapist

Claire Houston

Registered Mental Health Nurse

Elaine Rutherford

Body Image Therapist

Ellie Parkins

Marketing Manager

Alena Moravcikova


Scott Fitzgerald

Head Chef

Ready to start your journey?

If you know you have an eating disorder and have decided to investigate intensive day treatment, we are here to assist you and make it as easy as possible.

We accept private medical insurance. Please ask our Admissions Specialist for more details.

A unique space.

Our homely centre located in central London is a classic Marylebone townhouse with comfortable, contemporary interiors that make the most of the spacious, naturally lit rooms.

We have 12 group and individual therapy rooms spread over 5 storeys. Our unique therapy kitchen and our body-based space and yoga studio all form part of this new, specialist clinical and therapy centre, providing a safe, welcoming and reassuring environment.

Illustration of inside Orri clinic.

Stepped programmes for better progress.

Our particular area of focus is intensive day treatment. Our programmes include individualised, group and family therapy, and involve participating on an extended day or full-day programmes, moving to part-time programmes which change as they progress in recovery.

Our programmes are flexible in intensity and duration. By taking a stepped approach where individuals work through the programmes gradually, we can provide the right level of support as they maintain a job, go to school or university, or return to their life alongside recovery.

Photo of yoga room.

Why intensive day treatment?

We are not a hospital. Our treatment allows people to continue with their everyday lives as they progress in recovery. Watch our video to hear more about why intensive day treatment works to treat eating disorders.

Orri is unique.

We believe early intervention is crucial to recovery as it breaks the cycle of waiting lists, hospitalisation, and insufficient, inconsistent support.

  • We're not a hospital
  • Intensive Day Treatment Programmes
  • A team of eating disorder clinical experts
  • Working with the underlying causes that reinforce the eating disorder
  • 1:1 clinical support during meals & processing
  • Self-care and?body image sessions
  • Stepped programmes: extended-day, full-day, part-day
  • Increasingly return to real life
  • Alumni community

A unique vision.

Authenticity and compassion.

We know how difficult it is to recover from an eating disorder. We recognise that despair, frustration, denial and anger are the real first steps on the path to recovery. In fact, the only way to get people into treatment is to recognise these feelings.


We think that there aren't enough treatment options for people and their families living with eating disorders. We think that the field is missing the 'middle' part of the care pathway where, instead of a restrictive hospital setting, people receive early intervention in a dedicated Intensive Day Treatment programme that takes place alongside your everyday life.

Professional and reassuring.

We know how people with eating disorders get better. We also know it's difficult and hard work. But together, we can support you in finding the tools you need to recover. And we are there for you and your family, every step of the way.

Ready to start your journey?

If you know you have an eating disorder and have decided to investigate intensive day treatment, we are here to assist you and make it as easy as possible.

If you feel like you’ve tried every treatment in the world and want to explore something completely different, we can tailor a programme to suit your individual needs.

If you think someone close to you might be struggling with an eating disorder, there is hope and there is help. To begin the recovery journey, all you have to do is reach out.

If you’d prefer not to talk at this stage, send us your enquiry.